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Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: zeasset
Model Number: HA
Type: Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor
Application: General Purpose
Package Type: Through Hole
Capacitance: 180000uF, 180000uf /Customized
Rated Voltage: 50VDC, 50v / Customized
Operating Temperature: -40C ~ +85C, -20 - 85
Size:MM: 76X155 /Customized
Capacitance Tolerance Range:: 20%
Life Time:: 2000Hours
Package Type:: screw /snap-in/Customized
Storage Temperature: -40 - 80
Long warranty: 1Years
Certification: CE & RoHs
Our company is a technical enterprise, specializes in R&D, production and marketing of large aluminum electrolytic capacitors and EDLC
Our products got authorized certifications of ISO9001(QMS),ISO14001(EMS) as well as environmental certifications of RoHS. Under the guideline of 7S system, we realize standardization, datamation, systematization and make sure the quality of the product in the aspects of management, manufacture, service and so on.
Our Product Advantages
1.Ripid charge and discharge
2.High temperature
3.Utra long life
4.Snape-in ,screw , radial  DC capacitor
5.UL,ROHS certification.
welding machine    85℃ 2000H400V 470uf35X50
400V 560uf     35X50
400V 680uf 35X50
inverter  85℃2000H400V  220uf 25x40
400v  330UF25x50
400v 470UF35X40 35X50
400V 560uf     35X50
400v 680uf35X50
400v 820uf35X50
400v 1000uf 35X60
400v 1200uf35X70
400v 1500uf 35X80
400v  3300UF64X115
400v 4700UF76X115
400V 5600uf     76x130
400v 6800uf76X155
400v 8200uf76X115 76x160
400v 10000uf 89x160
400v 12000uf89x170
400v 15000uf 89x180
Product DescriptionIC chips Ultra Capacitors

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