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Rotary drilling rig:
The imported Kawasaki hydraulic parts can achieve reasonable powertrain matching and high construction efficiency.
The imported Cummins engine can minimize fuel consumption with the help of two optional accelerator control modes.
The standard reducer joint can adjust drill rod combination according to actual conditions,thus effectively reducing fuel consumption and improving construction efficiency.
ModelXR120DXR150XR180DXR260DXR320DXR360 XR400D XR460D XRS1050
Rotary speed (r/min)6-288-247-277-227-217-207-246-207-18
Max drilling diameter(mm)130014501800220025002500300030002500
Max drilling depth (m)445060809092108120105
Max traveling speed(km/h)
Max grade ability(%)404035353535353535
Overall drilling weight (t)4043.558799592132158114well drilling Made in China

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