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10 micron 316L stainless steel sintered filter suppliers in china
High strength,high precision,re-washable,long service life,high rigidity,easy to assemble
A. Solid gas separation
B. Muffler, silencer
C. Air purification
D. Filtering oil
E. Dedusting, Isolation dust , dustproof
F. Gas-oil dissociation
G. Gas liquid separation  
H. Moistureproof  
I. Heat insulation ,
J. Cooling  
K. Uniform gas,well-distributed, diffuse gas or oil or heat
L. Breathable protection
M. Pharmaceutical,medicine
N. Chemical
O. Chemical fiber
P. Filtration for high temperature environment
Q. High pressure reverse wash filtering
R. Acid and alkali corrosion environment filtering

China Five-layer Sintered Mesh factory

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