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As a comprehensive geosynthetic supplier, we, Shanghai Yingfan Engineering Material Co., Ltd., has an ability of manufacturing and supplying various kinds of geosynthetics including geomembrane, geotextile, GCL, geogrid, geocomposite, etc. Meanwhile, we also has qualification to provide installation service and equipment.
Plastic Three-dimemsional Geonet
Three-dimemsional Geonet
Plastic Geonet
Plastic Three-Dimensional Erosion Control Mat Introduction
Plastic three-dimensional erosion control mat is a flexible, lightweight three-dimensional mat made of high strength UV stabilized polymer core that caters for slopes surface protection or soil erosion protection, in reducing discharge and promoting infiltration. Erosion control mat serves both the purpose of protecting surface soil from wash-off as well as facilitating rapid grass establishment.
In other word, the stabilized polymer core erosion control mat reduces the chances of erosion occurrence caused by else, heavy rainfall and provides a green layer of vegetation at stream, river bank, pond bank, steep slopes and grass swales. Upon vegetated, the erosion control mat not only controls soil erosion and sediment but provides excellent filtration and vegetation that ultimately improve the soil conditions and slope stability.
Its performance can meet or exceed our national standard GB/T 18744-2002.
Features and Benefits
• Stabilizes weathering slopes
• No maintenance needed
• Used with hydramulching on steep slopes
• An integrated and robust solution
• Open structure encourages fast vegetation growth
• Follows contours of uneven slopes
• Light and flexible
• High UV resistance
Prevents soil from sliding on geomembranes.
Plastic Three-Dimensional Erosion Control Mat Specifications:
1. Color: black, green or as request.
2. Width: 1m, 1.5m, 2m.
3. Length: 30m, 40m, 50m or as request.
Technical Data of Plastic Three-Dimensional Erosion Control Mat GB/T 18744-2002
Mass  g/m2≥220≥260≥350≥430
Thickness mm≥10≥12≥14≥16
Width deviation m+0.1
Length deviation m+1
Longitudinal Tensile Strength kN/m≥8.0≥1.4≥2.0≥3.2
Transversal Tensile Strength kN/m≥8.0≥1.4≥2.0≥3.2
1. Soft foundation treatment,
2. Foundation reinforcement,
3. Slopes protection,
4. Abutment reinforcement,
5. Marine embankment protection,
6. Reservoir foundation reinforcement.
Q1: Can you provide a sample to us?
A1: Yes, surely we can.
Q2: Can I be your agent in our country?
A2: Yes, please contact us via our contact way for further details.
Q3: Can you provide an invitation letter for us to visit your factory?
A3: Yes, it’s a pleasure.
The production of synthetic geosynthetics is pushed by the pursuit of environmental. Nearly all of the geosynthetics can reduce the usage of cement, metal, clay, sand, stone and other materials of costing much money and labor. Using our geosynthetics can greatly bring a lot of benefits for our human beings.Plastic Geonet for sale

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