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Our History
Guangdong Saini Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a diversified enterprise engaged in the field of mechanical precision transmission, integrated with manufacturing, R&D and trade business.
As an innovator in the precision transmission fields, our goal is to provide users with reliable and high cost performance solutions to meet users' needs. G+ product enjoys a good reputation in the transmission industry which are trusted by well-known system integrators and reputable factories from China and the world.
Gears are toothed mechanical parts that can mesh with each other. Scientific research began in the 17th century. In the 20th century, GIGA Precision began to research curved gears, mechanical gears, and miniature gear motor gears, and persisted in research and development to create a leading international industrial standard transmission products that allows more automation equipment manufacturers to fall in love with G+ product.
Our Factory
Saini Intelligent has three factories located in Shenzhen and Dongguan with the production workshop over 10,000 square meters, more than 50 engineers, over 300 professional employees.
Research and Development
GIGA Precision owns two Research & Development Center, one is located in Taiwan (GIGA Precision Technology Co., Ltd), one in China Mainland (Saini Intelligent). We invested 5% of annual turnover on R & D keeping pace with new technology trend and leading the China precision transmission industry.
Our Product
GIGA Precision (Saini Intelligent) produces high quality Precision Hollow Rotary Actuator, Hypoid Rotary Table, Micro Rotary Axis, Motorized Precision Positioning Stages, High Precision XXY Alignment Stage, Right Angle Reducer, Hollow 90 Degree Gearboxes, Cam Indexer, Mini Parts Feeder, Planetary Gearboxes, Harmonic Drive Reducer and Electric Motor, etc.
Hypoid Rotary Table
Hollow Rotary Table
Hollow Rotary Actuator
High Torque Rotary Table
Right Angle Hollow Rotary Table
90 Degree Hollow Rotary Table
Hollow Rotary Table
Right Angle Gearbox
Hollow Rotary Table with
Planetary Gearbox
Bevel Gearbox with 6 Shaft
Micro A B Rotary Axis
Single Arm Rotary Axis
Smart Fifth Axis
Rotary Axis
XXY Alignment Stages
XXY5M-01 Positioning Stage
Precision X Axis Motorized Table
Z Axis Motion Stage
Z Axis Micro Positioning Stage
XY Table
XYZ Axis Motorized Table
XYZ Stage
Cam Indexer
Mini Parts Feeder
Planetary Gearbox
Harmonic Drive
Product Application
Besides of providing the wide range of standard speed reducers, custom service is also available for motion control solutions and mechanical transmission solutions for customers from the world and china domestic area.
Our product could be widely applied for the industries of lithium battery industry, robot industry, mobile phone industry, printing industry, laser industry and medical industry, etc.
Our product plays an important role and provides transmission solutions for the equipment of logo printing machine, CNC machine, multi-axis robotics, packaging machine, welding and cutting machine, laser engraving machine, woodworking engraving machine, precision concave-convex printing machine, precision coating machines, servo pipe benders, digital control spring machine, and other equipment with high degree of automation.
Our Brand
The brand G+, also named GIGAGER, is now a leading brand of precision speed reducer in China. Gigager product are trusted by well-known system integrators and reputable factories from China and the world.
Production Equipment
Saini Intelligent owns 43 sets of various CNC and over 40 sets of professional testing instruments, including 15 sets of Five-axis Five Linkage CNC, 18 sets of Four-axis Four Linkage CNC, 5 sets of Three-axis CNC, 5 sets of Cam Five-axis CNC, 3 sets of Milling Machine.
Market Network
Since its establishment, the company has been committed to providing customers with high quality and high performance products from China and the world. The clients includes Huawei, Han's Laser, DJI, Foxconn, United Winners, Johnson Electric, BYD Auto, etc.
Through continuous efforts and development, GIGA Precision (Saini Intelligent) sales network has been set up all over China, six branches in china north, east, south, central and west provinces, making a complete cover of Chinese market.
Now, we are making efforts on developing overseas sales network around the globe. You are warmly welcomed to cooperate with us. We can offer you full support from pricing, catalogue and technical support to realize the Win-win cooperation.
Why choose G+ brand?
1, Professional R & D team in Taiwan and China Mainland with core competitiveness assurance.
2, We keep good communication and cooperation with the experts and enterprise from Taiwan and Japan for 10 years which accumulates deep technical precipitation.
3, Strong production ability and high efficiency supply chain, providing customers with very competitive price with good quality product.
4, We offer 24 hours professional technical and after-sale support.
5, We offer custom built service according to clients' requirement.
6, Fast delivery time. For standard speed reducers, we have sufficient stock and can delivery to the customer in very short time.
Our Values
People Oriented; Profit Sharing; Common Development; Undertaking Responsibilities.Hollow Rotary Actuator For Servo Motor

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