I'm opening my first boutique. Where should I purchase my wholesale clothing items from?   

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xiaopeng huang
@huang · Posted 13 Nov. 2020

admin you
@admin · Posted 13 Nov. 2020

This is depending on which kind of clothing items you are looking for. Normally 2 types: wholesale clothing with no own design and wholesale clothing with custom design. Here are some ways I recommend as below:

Wholesale clothing without own design

Some foreign clothing importers are interested in hot selling and popular styles, and they are purchasing regularly, like every season. They would like suppliers to recommend some popular styles. In this way, your clothing wholesaler should have abundant products styles, fashion trends products and lower MOQ. If you want to find this kind of suppliers, below are some online shops for you:

----China brands: It offers full catalogs, including cheap clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry and accessories, beauty, 3C products, household necessaries and so on that totally more than 500,000+ SKU. Also, new and trendy arrivals added every day.

----Shelnside: They have worked very hard to earn the trust of the public and they are also reliable when it comes to china fashion wholesale. They will offer the best service and provide you with quality products.

---- Zaful:They are one of the most amazing online shop for today’s fashion apparel collection and this why I recommend them as they are also one top rated china clothing wholesaler suppliers that provide you with nice and affordable clothing available.

Wholesale clothing with your custom design

Importers who have their own designs usually purchase big quantity in every single order, but they have stricter requests for their suppliers as well. Also, some importers only need hundreds of units for each item for customizing design. Their suppliers should be provide with very professional designers, passing the factory audit and that's better if they have free sampling service. Below are the online shops recommended:

----Apliiq, it's a US online shop mainly sell custom design clothing or other wearings. You can also do wholesale from this shop.

----Designhill, it provides an interactive interface that allows the customers to give real time feedback and ratings to design works, to help the designers better understand the customer's expectations!. Customers can browse their top designers and choose their favorites to work on 1 to 1 basis.

----Custom Ink, makes it easy for you to make your own t-shirts online. No need for expensive, hard-to-figure-out software—just pick a product, and head to the lab to customize it for free.

Whatever, you can choose to wholesale clothing from Alibaba or Aliexpress, they offer very strong searching engine and help finding large quantities of suppliers. But you are not able to find the most quality one without any experiences. To solve this situation, a China sourcing agent is highly recommended for your wholesaling. They can help you finding custom suppliers or wholesalers in best quality and best price. They are more professional in dealing with import. RunSourcing can be a expert in sourcing field, they focus on finding higher profit in each process of ordering.

Hope the above information helps you and welcome to share your feelings on sourcing for your new boutique. If more questions, just contact me freely, I'm here sharing my suggestions based on the 7 years purchasing manager work experience.

Kevin Zhang
@Kevin · Posted 13 Nov. 2020

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