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Is Under Armour a good brand of shoe?   


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@admin · Posted 31 Jul. 2021

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@admin · Posted 31 Jul. 2021

Yes, Under Armour are good shoes but they are no better than any other of the major brands. They in my opinion look just as well made and of just as good quality as Nikes, Addidas or any other brand but they are less known than other brands. They are a good option for those that want a good quality shoe but down want to show off with Nikes etc.

However, what it comes down to is what you like in a shoe. I have never owned Under Armour shoes but out of curiosity I had a little look at a pair in a shop. It seems Under Armour focuses on firm sole shoes. So if you like shoes with firm soles then the brand is well worth considering.

However, I tend to stay away from Under Armour shoes. Not because they are poor quality but because I prefer a very soft sole that feels like you are walking on a cloud. This is why I would rather buy Sketchers Go Walk with Goga Matt technology shoes as this is what they specialise in and believe me they excel in it. Sketchers shoes are also superb quality and have amazing grip and traction the best grip and traction I have ever had in shoes.

So it is a matter of preference. Try to put major brands aside as they are all decent, try different pairs from different brands such as Sketchers, Nike, Addidas, Asics Under Armour, Pumba, New Balance, Reebok as well as other brands and see what you like.

As I said out of the brands I have owned I have found Sketchers to be by far the best brand as they excel in so many areas. However, it really is about personal choice and you may like something different.

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