What are some of the best Halloween costumes ever?   


xiaopeng huang
@huang · Posted 13 Nov. 2020

admin you
@admin · Posted 13 Nov. 2020

My favorite costume of all time was pulled off by my friend Greg. Ol' Greg was a very imaginative fellow and loved Halloween. And he always came up with something clever and cool. But one year he outdid himself.

It was diabolically simple. He took a sheet of thin silver plastic and with an exacto-knife traced out a razor-blade using an actual blade to trace around. Then he fashioned an edge to this plastic razor. It looked very real. He then put a small divot in the blade. A very old T-shirt was then stained with scarlet food-coloring, a dribble down the front. Deep red and very blood-like. Then he took an apple and bit a big hunk out of it and drizzled it with the food-coloring. To bring it all together he jammed the plastic razor up into his top front teeth where the divot made it appear as though it had sliced into the gum-line. Top it off with a little sip of the scarlet blood substitute and behold! A victim of the old razor in the apple trick! I've never seen a costume that got more of a reaction from onlookers. People would literally scream. They would oooh and ahhh in great discomfort, scrunch up their shoulders and shudder. He won several first place prizes at local bars featuring costume contests that night. And the whole deal cost him like five bucks. It was sooo gruesomely cool!

Kevin Zhang
@Kevin · Posted 13 Nov. 2020, you will find on it.

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