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What do rich people want for Christmas?   

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yu bing
@yubing · Updated 27 Nov. 2020

What do rich people want for Christmas?

yu bing
@yubing · Posted 27 Nov. 2020

Christmas is not only for rich people! Christmas is for everyone, Personally, I don’t think poor people or middle-class people can’t get all the joy of Christmas.If we take a look what ‘’rich people’’ wish for Christmas!I think they just planned for an expensive holiday trip to a resort, OR an expensive painting.It’s a weird question to answer! I’m not rich so I don’t think so I can answer this one, here is an awesome site to save some extra bucks on your Christmas shopping *(NOT FOR RICH PEOPLE)you can buy it here

admin you
@admin · Posted 27 Nov. 2020

I like this doll

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