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What kinds of women's flats (shoes) have the effect of making the foot look smaller?   

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yu bing
@yubing · Posted 08 Dec. 2020

What kinds of women's flats (shoes) have the effect of making the foot look smaller?

yu bing
@yubing · Posted 08 Dec. 2020

Good flat shoes design what are the conditions? I think it should be divided into three points to judge:

First of all, it must have a concise and light bottom. I very much disagree with the increase, loose cake and so classified as flat shoes and the like. Although these types will also have some nice design

Good flat shoes can be modified legs to stretch the leg line. This requires it in the design style to have smooth lines and neat cut, of course, the material can not be very easy to shape the soft leather and fabric, of course, good flat shoes generally work is more detailed, does not appear to wear two days It's deformed. In this regard, the more representative is patent leather shoes and canvas shoes, are not easily deformed.

The effect of the foot is probably like this, you can block the meat on both sides of the foot, from the visual appearance of skinny>

3. It must be comfortable fit. Why do we wear flat shoes? I think good-looking is the one hand, comfortable wearing it is the ultimate esoteric. I think a good pair of shoes, not just flat shoes, its material, the importance of workmanship is definitely not worse than its appearance. Moreover, a good pair of flat shoes must be from design to workmanship to sales are not careless. This good quality can be observed through the following aspects:

Fabric (soft leather, sheepskin, patent leather, cloth)

Sole (I personally prefer tendon end or soft rubber sole)

Workmanship (whether the seam is smooth, the lines are smooth)

Of course, good flat shoes, must eliminate exaggerated decoration, gorgeous color, there are strange elements

Not to say flat shoes should not have a unique decoration, such as you can

It does not mean that the color must be generous and generous, for example

In fact, good flat shoes in the final analysis is classic and generous, simple and clean color, comfortable fit, with a relaxed fashion.

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