Why do people buy expensive shoes?   

Kevin Zhang
@Kevin · Posted 13 Nov. 2020

Wite Mr · Posted 16 Nov. 2020

Depends. If you are pretty much wearing the same few styles everyday, then yes, they save money on the long run. However if you change up base on your outfit, then no. I'm the latter. I'm more of a collector so I tend to buy used/vintage whenever possible. Which means that a pair of shoes that cost more than 50 dollars is considered expensive on my end. My most expensive purchase had been a pair of coral cowboy boots (165 dollars). But I ended up regretting it so I sold them. Now the most expensive shoes I own are a pair of completely hand-made felted White Russian Valenki boots from Ukraine (130 including shipping). I have several pairs in the 80s but overall on my shoes are 50 dollars on average. I'm not sure how you wear out shoes that fast. I own a pair of Michael Kors suede leather loafers with rubber soles (3″ tall) that I've worn regularly, cost 30 dollars from Macy’s, and they have lasted for 8 years now. But I guess it's because I'm light weight and I don't wear them every everyday. I have many pairs for all seasons so they will altogether last. In my opinion it's better to spend money on buying more less expensive pairs and switch them up daily than fewer very expensive pairs. But once again if you will only wear one pair everyday then obviously you should buy a pair that last. I guess for men it's a better investment than women as men are not as variable in terms of fashion. Their shoes are also more expensive to begin with. But if you are a woman who enjoys pairing different shoes with different outfits in different seasons, it's better to buy more that are cheaper. And I highly recommend buying used and/vintage whenever possible. Because you are helping to recycle and many times those shoes if they are vintage are much higher quality than you would get nowadays for similar prices. And you are paying individual citizens rather than big corporations directly. Otherwise buy handmade, which also gives money to individual average people than corporations who outsource on cheap labor from places like China or India. will beat your heart.

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